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5 Ways to take extra special photos of your kids playing sport.

How amazing is it to have our kids playing sport again? Whether it’s rugby or netball, tennis or soccer, we are indeed so lucky that sport brings so much joy to so many of our kids lives… 

From special friendships made on sports fields, to relationships being built between the players and coaches… The build up to big matches, the commitment that goes into attending training, the parents yelling our support from the side lines, and of course learning to win and lose. 

So with so many of us spending some of our weekends and afternoons back on the sidelines of sports fields around the country, here are some reminders for capturing some special moments on and off the field.

1. Use the right equipment if possible

Takiing photos of your kids playing sport

I know so many of us rely on our phones to take our photos but if you do have a DSLR camera then take it with to the sports games as they do just take better action photos. Make sure you’re using the right settings and lenses and all the other good things that comes with using a fancier camera.

Or my advice because we don’t have a DSLR camera yet …. Make friends with the Mom or Dad who does have the fancy camera and who loves to take photos :) 

2. Notice the moments off the field

The magnet maker a few years ago

Capturing the action shots are always amazing, but there’s also so many magical moments that happen leading up to the games, in between halves, after the games, from the side lines or some of the quieter moments on the field or court. 

Notice these moments and capture them. Perhaps it’s the sweat dripping down your 7 year olds face at half time, or the high fives on the sidelines when their team mates scores. I love this one of the magnet maker after playing some tennis with our little guy a few years ago. 

Maybe it’s the clothes and boots being laid out on their bed the night before the game, or a kid sitting on a ball while talking some strategy with a team mate. It's all part of the game isn't it?

3. Capture the details

Capture the moments off the field as well

Sometimes it’s the little details that make things extra special for us parents. The long socks on chunky little legs, or the shoe laces of new boots being tied. Perhaps the number on the back of a rugby jersey or the way he holds a cricket ball or she holds her medal... or the bleachers on a cold winters evening like this photo that Hayley Malherbe captured recently.

Maybe it’s a photo of him holding a brand new tennis ball - the bright yellow fluff contrasting with the lines on the ball being held in his hand. Or the pink ribbons of ballet shoes being wrapped by teenage fingers, or the pony tail that sticks out of her cap that’s keeping the sun off her freckled face… 

Spend some time noticing the smaller details of the games… 

4. Include the team

Capture the team…. Isn’t that what so much of sport is about… that sense of belonging. So capture those moments… i’m not talking about the obligatory team photo at the end of the match that we all love, but more the photos of the team running onto the field, or opponents shaking hands over the tennis net. The half time team talk (again, thanks to the amazing Mom photographer Hayley Malherbe for this special photo) or the huddle before they do that cheer thing that they all do… 

And sometimes including the team can also mean not being afraid to take photos of special moments you see happening of other kids in the team, perhaps it’s a Dad leaning down to give a pep talk, or tie a shoe lace… Perhaps it’s a Mom cheering wildly on the side line… capture those and share them too…. 

5. Put down the camera

At the end of the day, as amazing as it is to capture all these moments, big and small, what’s even more special is truly just being present in the moment… So don’t forget to also just put the cameras away, focus on your kid, cheer and shout, and just enjoy the game and the fact that fun is being had…

Tag us on Instagram the next time you take some photos of your kids playing sport, we'd love to see them in action. And of course, don't forget to print some photos and get them up on your fridge for the little people to relive those special moments again and again and again.