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About us

We’re just a family who needed to do something with all the photos trapped in our phones.

Also, because we didn’t have enough drawings of dinosaurs and rainbows on our fridge (said no parent ever) we thought the fridge would be the perfect place to display our special memories of our family’s adventures.

And that’s how Skwe came to be!

We have a graphic designer in the family who is also the techie brains behind Skwe. A mom who takes too many photos of her kids and never did anything with said photos, and two cool kids who are still young enough to let us take photos of them… Especially if they’re doing cool things like handstands and holding slugs.

We’re passionate about South Africa and all the people we share this beautiful country with, we try our best to keep things simple and to remember that life's more about doing than having. We're big on making memories. We hope you’ll join us on this journey.

So, if you’re like us and have some space on your fridge we invite you to order some awesome fridge magnets of your own adventures right away and put them up for all to admire and see!