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Let there be light…

by Desiree Dales

The importance of light has been around for a really long time and I’m here to tell you that its still pretty important and has everything to do with a great image.

Before I change any setting on my camera, I’m looking at what the light is doing. Is it bright/harsh/dappled/soft. Does it reflect, are there shadows? 

Do a little task for me. Grab a notebook and pen and walk through your beautiful home first thing in the morning and then again in the afternoon. Notice where the light comes in and where it seems brighter. Is it your bedroom, is it the kitchen.

What does that room look like in the morning? And in the afternoon? So different right? Do the same for your garden. 

Here’s some fail safe tips when shooting at home.

  1. Window light is your best friend. Room too dark and cluttered but your child is being super cute? Pop them next to the window for a beautiful portrait. Even for black and white pics! 

  2. Sunlight is a little harsh? Use a sheet to diffuse or simple close the blinds a little to create some shadows- shadows can turn a boring photo into something magical. 

When shooting outside:

  1. Golden hour is the best! It’s the hour after sunrise when life is a little dreamy. And it’s the hour before sunset when magic happens! Google the sunrise/sunset times for your area and get snapping away! 

  2. Shoot into the light. You read correctly!! When you position your subject correctly, it creates the most beautiful imagery. Don’t listen to the person at a wedding telling you you’re in the wrong spot!!

  3. Change your exposure (even on your smartphone!!) it helps!! 

  4. You’re out for lunch and the overhead sun is making way too many shadows on all theIr facial features? Position them in some gentle shade for an even image.

Let me know if any of these tips helped!! Or get in touch if you’d like to find out more and improve your photography skills!

I host a wonderful mobile workshop for everyone with Chanel Bergsma. It’s an in person workshop and you just need your smartphone!

We have loved every workshop and are so encouraged with how attendees have stepped up their game in photography after learning our skills and tips.

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