NB: Father's Day Orders are closed as of 13 June 2022

Upload Images

If you have had trouble sending through your images with your order, please fill in the following form and upload the same number of images you already ordered and paid for.

1) Click "Upload Your Images" button.
2) Login to the relevant account.
3) Upload the same amount of images you ordered and paid for.
4) NB: Crop the images square (skwe). To do this, you need to click "Show Files" on the bottom left and click each file selected.
5) Crop as desired
6) When you are complete, click "Add"

Fill in the rest of the form and hit "Send".

We'll get your gems printed and let you know when they are dispatched.

If you have further problems, pop your message in the form or email gavin@skwe.co.za. We will contact you to assist.