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Rugby World Cup Magnet Pack

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🏉 Introducing the Ultimate Rugby Fridge Takeover: Springbok Magnet Pack 2023! 🇿🇦

(*NB Update: We have had to replace the official Rugby World Cup Logo with a made up one due to copyright infringement and the fact that this is not an official product of the World Cup.)

Hey there, fellow rugby fanatic! As the Rugby World Cup 2023 kicks off on September 8th, we know that for the next two months, your world will revolve around scrums, lineouts, and heart-stopping tries. Just like the Rugby World Cup will take over your life, let us take over your fridge for the next 2 months! 🏆

Our Springbok Magnet Pack is not your ordinary fridge accessory; it's your front-row seat to all the action! With magnets for all the participating teams, adorned with their flags, you'll feel the global rugby spirit every time you reach for your favorite snack.

But that's not all! We've gone all out to ensure you're on top of the game. Inside this pack, you'll find all the tournament fixtures, the four different pools from A to D. Our interactive upcoming matches feature will have you counting down the minutes to the next showdown and, as the tournament progresses, follow the exciting journey through the knockout stages with our interactive draw. It all leads to the electrifying moment when we crown the Champions of the world!

So to recap that. You'll get the following in the pack:
1) Tournament Fixtures Magnet
2) The 4 Tournament Pools (A, B, C, D) Magnets
3) Interactive Upcoming Matches Magnet to keep on top of what games are next
4) Interactive Knock Out Stages Magnet to plot your team's progress
5) Team, Times and Pool Magnets for interactive use.

We mean taking over your fridge quote literally as besides the fun and excitement, the magnets will take up a fair bit of space, probably around 2 x A3s 😱 - but it is only for 2 months 😉 .

So, whether you're hosting a rugby-themed party, tracking the Springboks' path to glory, or just soaking in the rugby fever, our Rugby World Cup Magnet Pack is here to make your fridge the epicenter of the rugby action and add a bunch of family fun.

Don't be a scrum-half-hearted supporter! Join us in celebrating the Rugby World Cup 2023 and cheer for the Springboks with pride. Get your magnet pack now and let's make your fridge the most interactive and rugby-crazy appliance in town. 🏉🌍🏆 #RWC2023 #SpringbokPride

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